About Essex Media Solutions

Hello and welcome to Essex Media Solutions! Let us introduce ourselves, what we do best and how it all got started. The founding idea of our company was built on the ambition to provide a reliable place for businesses, both large and small, to come for quality assistance with just about any online service that can be requested. A team was quickly formed comprised of talented creators in diverse fields such as web design and software development. This solid base of reliable and knowledgeable freelancers enabled us to offer a myriad of services under one roof- a true one stop shop.

Our Services

Social Media Management

Outsourcing areas of your business has always been a popular and effective tact. With the digital world becoming increasingly influential over the success of our businesses, it has never been more important

Facebook Adverts

Facebook adverts can be an exceptional method in promoting your products and services to potential customers. We at Essex Media Solutions are on hand to help you navigate the confusing terms and

Virtual Assistance

Have you ever been cutting a deadline tight or preparing for an important meeting but kept getting held back by a constant stream of emails and phone calls? The workload and stress can easily build up

Email Marketing

Essex Media Solutions are your go-to option for businesses that want to enhance their marketing ploys with an email marketing list but either do not know where to start, or do not have the time to

Google Adwords

Would you prepare a lavish three course meal for a family of five all for yourself? No? Well what is the point of having fantastic products and a user-friendly and sleek website, if nobody is visiting?

Wordpress Websites

Wordpress remains one of the most used platforms to make and host business websites. These sites also feature highly on search engine rankings because they can be updated, and are updated

Bespoke Websites

A bespoke custom made website that breathes uniqueness and individuality is a fantastic way to show your customers how you stand out from the crowd. With an increasing number of websites being

Magento Development

If you are an ecommerce business and need a website with all the relevant tools and features such as product listings, shopping baskets, and checkouts without wanting to build them separately, then Essex

App Design & Build

Having an app for your business is the new trend, and it is not difficult to see why. Apps are great for a host of reasons, including: Getting your brand out there in the public view we spend so much time

Aerial Videography & Photography

Essex Media Solutions provide our customers a one-stop shop for all their online business needs. Within our selection of quality services is the highly-sought-after aerial videography and photography service.

Print Material

Within our range of digital services, we offer an in-demand printing service. We can prepare your materials that need printing; whether it is your degree dissertation or your restaurant’s new menu, we have the expertise to ensure your materials are formatted and printed perfectly for your specifications.

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