Aerial Videography & Photography

Essex Media Solutions provide our customers a one-stop shop for all their online business needs. Within our selection of quality services is the highly-sought-after aerial videography and photography service.

This service usually includes state-of-the-art drones being flown to the optimal heights for your photo and video needs. We will provide you with plenty of photos and videos so you can choose the one you like best.

Why Do I Need Aerial Videos and Photos?

You may need some jaw-dropping shots for a plethora of reasons. Three of the most popular ones include:

Gopros are getting quite common, so if you need some eye-catching images then you need to push the iconographic boundaries. This will set your website or marketing campaigns aside from your competitors.

Theses types of photos are rather outlandish and it will give your customers the impression that you go the extra mile to provide quality products and services.

Showing a unique perspective can be beneficial to showcasing your services. This is especially true in the building trade where an aerial shot may make your new build look even more impressive or highlight certain features. Or you may run a tour group to certain landmarks than need to be seen from a spectacular ‘ungoogleable’ angle. Your uniqueness will portray a uniqueness to your service.

Whatever your reason, Essex Media Solutions can help you with your aerial videos and photos. We welcome a number of challenges in this area so please contact us with your vision today, and see how we can lift your business off the ground.

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