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Having an app for your business is the new trend, and it is not difficult to see why. Apps are great for a host of reasons, including:

Getting your brand out there in the public view: we spend so much time using our mobile and tablet devices that having an application is going to increase your brand’s reach.

Increasing trust in your business: having an application backs up your other online presence and adds that little bit more affirmation that you are a genuine company.

Offering loyalty programmes to your customers: ever had a loyalty card stating your fifth coffee is free but then lost it after your fourth coffee? You tried a new coffee place? Well, having an application with loyalty schemes can help you retain your customers over long periods.

Optimising marketing strategies: applications can give users push notifications which will help businesses market new offers and products.

Increasing customer interaction: applications can provide another avenue for customer support such as secure messaging and contact forms.

Creating a social space for your valuable customers: some applications offer their customers a conversational space to leave feedback, reviews our to pose forum-style questions.

All of the above is key to maximising your business’s success and relationship with your customers.

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Let Essex Media Solutions Help

But don’t you have to be a technical genius and part-time rocket science to build an app?

Not really, you can outsource this work to ourselves at Essex Media Solutions who will provide you with an exceptional application ready to help you engage with your market directly from their pockets. We will complete the full process on your behalf from designing the application and all its details and capabilities – taking into account your input of course. As well as building the application itself.

For any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable team at your earliest convenience.

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