Business Starter Package

 Starting a new business can be challenging, stressful, tiring and really confusing. From the legal aspects to focusing on the business itself, it can put your head in a bit of a spin. It’s not surprising then that most business fail within the first year. Especially in the current climate where our online presence can be so influential to our success.

A business’s online affairs may be the most important aspect of starting out. Most marketing and customer contact is now made through the web, meaning it has never been more important to have a solid online foundation to launch your business from.

This is why Essex Media Solutions wants to help new businesses make sure they get off to a successful and stable start by proving startups with a complete online service. Getting everything completed from one place is convenient, time saving, and is likely to reduce stress levels. The components of our Business Starter Package can be tailored to your individual business but will include a makeup of the following:


We will help with the complete branding of your business – of course, with your preferences and vision at the forefront of our work. This will include logo designs, slogans, your business’s ethos, commitments, and overall image.


We can help you decided on the best platform and designers to build you a website perfect for your business’s needs with all your requests at the heart of our service.

3 Months Social Media Management

Social Media Management offers new businesses a platform to get their voices heard in the myriad of competitors and gives an invaluable opportunity to interact with customers, and set yourself apart from competitors in innovative ways. Good news, like good products and services, travels fast with carefully constructed social media campaigns.

SEO Audit and Adwords

There is no point in creating a flashy and sleek website if you don’t invite anyone to the party. We can offer new businesses a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service to ensure that money you spent on your website does not go to waste. This component of our Business Starter Package is key to increasing your site’s traffic and therefore potential for finding your customer base.

Email Marketing

We can also help your new business to compile an email marketing list that is effective and fully complies with the law. Attracting and keeping your customers up to date with your products and services is a fantastic way for startups to build a customer base at a vulnerable time.

Business Cards and Letterheads

We will help design professional and stand-out business cards and letterheads to make sure your business name gets noticed and on people’s lips.