Virtual Assistance

Have you ever been cutting a deadline tight or preparing for an important meeting but kept getting held back by a constant stream of emails and phone calls? The workload and stress can easily build up and make you risk not finishing your task on time, or make you sacrifice the quality of your work.

A virtual assistant is an effective and innovative way to avoid the monotonous, time consuming, and stressful business tasks that can easily be outsourced with outstanding results. If you take off the shackles of these recurring tasks, you can afford yourself more time, and in some cases, even more money to improve other areas of your business.

At Essex Media Solutions, we will listen to your exact business needs and ensure that your virtual assistant can adhere to your preferences and the tasks you need them to complete. The use of virtual assistants is growing for the aforementioned reasons but they can also be an expenditure friendly solution to staffing issues.

Virtual Assistant Competencies

The benefits of getting a virtual assistant are clear to see, but what specific tasks can a virtual assistant free you from? Naturally, there are virtual assistants that can be sourced for niche jobs but there are also a number of generic tasks that an assistant can usually help you with. These include:

Answering calls

Diary management

Event planning and management


Managing emails and inboxes

Organising travel arrangements

Scheduling, cancelling, and rearranging appointments

Data entry

Do not hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience to discuss your specific virtual assistant needs. We look forward to helping you and your business prosper.

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